R40 – Mob Makeover Mayhem !


Greetings, Creators!

For our fortieth release, we loaded the creatures of Creativerse up in a huge van (there were… smells) and treated them to a day at the Mob Groomer for makeovers! Now they’re sporting shinier coats (improved lighting and visuals), a few new tricks (additional animations and polish), plus Warmworm convinced us to splurge on an extreme makeover you’ll have to see to believe.

These changes are part of a broader effort to level up the existing game experience with a focus on bugfixes, performance, polish, and quality of life improvements (including a few excellent community requests).

You’ll want to experience these changes for yourself – and when you make it down to the lava layer, be sure to tell Warmworm how much you LOVE its « hot » new style!

New Features and Content

  • Adventure picture frames
    • Two new craftable picture frames
    • Display screenshots of completed adventures in your worlds
  • Adventure loadscreens now include adventure picture and description
  • Significant overhaul of Warmworm art
  • Improved visuals, lighting, and animations of many other creatures
  • Plow tool now transforms more blocks
    • Ashenwood
    • Elderwood Leaves
    • Snow
    • Cragwood
    • Autumnwood Leaves
    • Weepwood
    • Sand
    • Tall grass can no longer be plowed


  • Engine upgrade – performance improvements, other related bugfixes
  • Adventures with no screenshot or description will no longer be surfaced on the New and Popular pages
  • Claim borders for adjacent claims belonging to the same player no longer display
  • Double-clicking on a player name in touchstone list will teleport to that touchstone
  • Map no longer available in adventures
  • Improved TNT and stun bomb art


  • Fix for lighting flickering issues on certain video cards
  • Flashlight can no longer be turned on via the character screen UI element in adventures where the flashlight is disallowed
  • Fix for block phaser boundaries appearing sometimes when it should not
  • Resolution dropdown no longer resets when changing other visual options
  • Deprecated wood mining cell no longer appears in loot tables
  • Fixed minor UI visual glitch when shift-click crafting
  • Arc sign text limit of 10K characters imposed
  • Store now can be closed with ESC key on main menu
  • Various stability and crash fixes

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