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Entities appear in the world both day and night.
Every entitie has one or several biomes and some spawn conditions.
It’s possible to tame all the entities in the game.

Nom Type Biomes Couches
Keepa Harmless All All
Silver Keepa Harmless All All
Golden Keepa Harmless All All
Leafi Harmless Woodland, Forest Surface
Autumn Leafi Passive Autumn Forest Surface
Dried Leafi Passive Dunes, Canyons Surface
Mossy Leafi Passive Swampland Surface
Night Leafi Agressive All Surface
Night Twiggy Agressive Forest, Woodland, Grassland, other (rare) Surface
Corrupted Leafi Agressive All Corruption
Pigsy Harmless Grassland, Woodland, Forest… Surface
Feral Pigsy Agressive Jungle Surface
Night Pigsy Agressive Jungle Surface
Night Hoglet Agressive Forest, Woodlands, Grassland Surface
Corrupted Pigsy Agressive All Corruption
Chizzard Passive Jungle, Beach, Canyons (oasis), Mountain Surface
Blizzard Chizzard Agressive Mountain, Tundra, Taiga, Frozen desert Surface
Night Chizzard Agressive All Surface
Corrupted Chizzard Agressive All Corruption
Miru Agressive All (grottes) Surface, Fossil, Stalactite
Arctic Miru Agressive Mountain, Taiga, Tundra, Frozen desert Surface
Corrupted Miru Agressive All Corruption
Rambeau Agressive Mountain (pick) Surface
Pebble Passive Beach Surface
Rockster Passive Beach Surface
Night Rockster Agressive Beach Corruption
Rockzilla Agressive / /
Dustevil Agressive Canyon Surface
Trog Agressive Canyon Surface
BossHog Agressive Savannah Surface
Shrewdshrew Agressive Savannah Surface
HotFoot Agressive All Lava
Warmworm Agressive All Lava
Thing Agressive All Corruption
Retiré du jeu
Spectre Agressive / /

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