Find answers to the most commonly asked questions.


  • There is a bug in the game, can you help me?

    Creativerse.help is a fansite, it was created by some players to help the community. We are not able to fix the game’s issues.

    If you need some help, you can contact the developers team on the discution forum of Steam on the section Bugs & Issues.

  • I see that the website is translated in French, is the game translated too?

    Unfortunately, it is not. All the translations are made by players and there are not available in the game.

    According to the developers team, they don’t want to work on it for now. They will maybe do it later, let’s hope!

  • I found deficiencies and/or errors on Creativerse.help, how can I participate to the writing?

    We choosed to not make a Wiki, you can’t share your knowledge by editing the articles. However, if you want to help us, you can write or correct some articles then send them by using the contact form. If you are a good writer and you are involved in Creativerse.help, maybe that you will become an official writer.

In game

  • I can’t enter the ‘@’ for the authentication

    It’s not possible to enter the ‘@’ in game.
    To register the e-mail adress, try typing your e-mail address somewhere else, then copy/pasting it into the e-mail field.

  • I play with a friend of mine but he can’t open my chests.

    When you place a chest, you have to open it(right clic) than click on the little padlock on the top right corner of the UI.
    You can now chose who will can access your chest.

  • I have a black screen when I try to join a world

    Try clearing your local cache.
    This won’t affect your gameplay at all, it’ll just force the client to download fresh copies of everything it needs then next time you play.

    To clear your local cache:

    • On Windows: Delete the contents of this folder: /Users/[user]/AppData/LocalLow/PlayfulCorp/Creativerse
    • On OS X: Delete the contents of this folder: /Users/[user]/Library/Application Support/PlayfulCorp/Creativerse
  • Steam tells me to launch the game from Steam

    Reinstalling the game sometimes fixes this.
    otherwise this error message might specifically be the result of the MSVCR (MS Visual C++ Runtime) dll failing to install correctly.

    There is a copy of the installer for the version Creativerse uses in the Creativerse directory here::
    [Steam Folder]\SteamApps\common\Creativerse\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2010\vcredist_x86.exe

    You can also download the installer directly from Microsoft here.

    Execute it to fix the issus.

    You may need to restart Windows afterwards.

  • The game is opening but is very small

    To change the resolution:

    • Go to your Steam Library
    • Highlight Creativerse
    • Hold ALT and click Play
    • Continue to hold ALT until the game pops up a window that allows you to change the resolution