R33 ½ – Surprise !

Hello again, Creatifriends!

We had such a great time unleashing R33 last week, we decided we couldn’t wait to do it again. R33 1/2 brings new recipes (wire up a Corrupt Obelisk, if you dare…), permissions improvements, and more bugfixes than you can shake a Night Twiggy at. Check it out!

New Features and Content

  • New items!
    • Campfire – unlocks on Coal Torch (works with machines!)
    • Iron Fire Pit – unlocks on Iron Wall
    • Wood Trap Door – unlocks on Wood Door (works with machines!)
    • Wood Plaque – unlocks on Wood Sign
    • Stone Sign – unlocks on Wood Sign
    • Hanging Stone Sign – unlocks on Stone Sign
    • Stone Plaque – unlocks on Stone Sign
    • Corrupt Obelisk – unlocks on Corrupted Stone Wall (works with machines!)
  • New /ignoreall command – ignores all chat
  • Added name option to admin commands (examples: “/ban Jimmy”, “/kick 5 Jim”)
    • Includes partial matching (“/kick Jim” will bring up both Jimmy and Jim)


  • Lots of fixes to make permissions work more intuitively and give claim owners more control over blocks within their claims, even if they didn’t place them
  • Permissions fixes to allow machine interaction access inside claims for non-builders


  • Significant lighting bugfixes for areas with lots of lights
  • Fix for large number of teleporters causing major unexplained problems in worlds
  • Fix for missing Hidden Temple chest recipe (introduced in R33)
  • Fix for incorrect charge for coin-unlocked claims
  • Fix for incorrect map view while in chairs
  • Fix for builder requests approvals not always being sent
  • Fixed placement of fertilizer onto seedlings
  • Fix for saving name if you press save while editing the name on the wiring UI.
  • Fixed issue preventing players who haven’t played in 60 days from being sent to clients (and not showing up in admin panels, etc)
  • Fixed items falling through pressure plates and LEDs if you drop them with the hotkey (default z)

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