R41 – Colossal Castle


Greetings, Creators!

There are big updates, and then there are COLOSSAL updates. R41 tips the scales with our biggest-ever set of new blocks, our most massive blueprint yet, plus a hugely impactful gameplay balance pass. (And that’s not all…)

First, swing by the store to check out the new Colossal Castle Super Bundle, which sports TWENTY brand new medieval-themed premium recipes and a moat-load of bundled blocks! And you’ll definitely want those blocks if you decide to take on the epic Colossal Castle Blueprint – a towering 20k block construction of turrets, keeps, ramparts, portcullises, and even a cozy stable for Joffrey, your pet Hoglet.

There’s also major fine-tuning of gameplay that rebalances combat, crafting, bombs, and more (explosive spoiler: TNT just got a whole lot stronger). AND we’ve made substantial performance impropvements that’ll have the game running more solidly and smoothly than ever.

Grab some popcorn and settle in – colossal fun awaits!

New Features and Content

  • Major balance pass (details below)!
  • New Premium Block Set: Colossal Castle Super Bundle!
    • Medieval Brick Wall
    • Medieval Banner Wall
    • Medieval Crest Wall
    • Medieval Brick Inset Wall
    • Medieval Spike Wal
    • Medieval Torch
    • Medieval Lamp
    • Medieval Sword
    • Medieval Switch
    • Medieval Chair
    • Medieval Throne
    • Medieval Stairs
    • Medieval Carpeted Stairs
    • Medieval Roof
    • Medieval Door
    • Medieval Fireplace
    • Medieval Chandelier
    • Medieval Chain
    • Medieval Chest
    • Medieval Table
  • New Colossal Castle blueprint
  • Several new “bundles” purchase options
  • Overhauled ingame tutorial
    • Type “/tutorial reset” if you’d like to try these from the beginning. Type “/tutorial off” if you’d like to shut them off.
    • Sleeping in beds now restores health to full
  • New sleeping animations
  • Hold shift and click to process or forge five things at a time


  • Overhauled store UI
  • Revised and improved ingame HUD
  • Tweaks to world / adventure browser UI
  • New Creativerse logo applied ingame
  • Creature “push” animations and effects improved
  • Added warning when trying to publish an adventure without a screenshot or description
  • Sword art overhaul
  • Gauntlet art overhaul
  • Keepa ascend / descend animations added
  • Tweaks to creature and player animations
  • Taking a picture from an adventure gate or checkpoint UI returns you to that UI after the picture is taken
  • Exiting to main menu from an adventure or world will take you to the adventure (or world) browser
  • Improved creature selection for mob spawner
  • Health and stamina bars now show value
  • Better default name and description for unassigned adventure gates
  • Improved store surfacing ingame
  • Player’s first world now has “Default to Visitor” basic option on by default
  • Various new sounds and music fixes
  • Add tabbing through fields in machine UIs
  • Significant improvements to ‘picking’ detection so it better matches what you are are visually aiming at


  • Substantial memory usage and performance fixes
  • Lighting fixes
  • Fixed ladder animations
  • Fixed ladder top dismount
  • Added feedback for attempting to purchase Pro when the Steam overlay is off
  • Fix for shadows jittering the further from the center of the map the player goes
  • Fix for occlusion culling to account for shadow casting direction
  • Fixed a bug that caused sign text to stop showing up when leaving area and returning
  • Add missing PVP setting to claim, so PVP can be enabled within a claim. Claim PVP setting overrides world PVP settings, like fire and TNT.
  • Client can recover from some temporary file write access issues, generally from anti-virus or anti-malware programs scanning files that the game downloads to the user temp directory before moving them to the game directory. This would cause the changes in a world not to be reflected by that client.

Balance Pass

  • TNT
    • Coal can now be processed into gunpowder (1:1 exchange)
    • TNT can blow up fossil layer at 4 radius
    • TNT now unlocks on collecting coal
    • Large TNT is now Strong TNT
    • Strong TNT can blow up stalactite layer with 5 radius
    • Strong TNT unlocks on crafting TNT
    • Advanced TNT now blows up lava layer at 6 radius
    • Advanced TNT unlocks on crafting Strong TNT
    • Super TNT now blows up corruption layer at 7 radius
    • Super TNT unlocks on crafting advanced TNT
  • Excavators
    • Basic Excavators now blow up fossil layer
    • Advanced Excavators now blow up stalactite layer
    • Advanced Excavators no longer requires diamond to unlock
    • Super Excavators now blow up lava and corruption layer
    • Super Excavators no longer require Lumite to unlock
  • Combat
    • Pigsy, Night Pigsy & Corrupted Pigsy regular attack damage reduced
    • Pigsy, Night Pigsy & Corrupted Pigsy charge attack damage increased
    • Pigsy hitpoints reduced
    • Leafi hitpoints reduced
    • Rockster and Night Rockster hitpoints reduced
    • Night Rockster armor increased
    • Night Rockster, Corrupted Rockster regular attack damage reduced
    • Rockster, Night Rockster, and Corrupted Rockster charge attack damage increased
    • Chizzard, Night Chizzard, and Blizzard Chizzard charge attack damage increased
    • Night Chizzard and Blizzard Chizzard hitpoints reduced
    • Corrupted Chizzard regular attack damage reduced
    • Blizzard Chizzard armor increased
    • Blizzard Chizzard freezing debuff duration increased
  • Potions & Healing
    • Basic Healing Potion reduced healing amount
    • Basic Healing Potion cooldown added
    • Advanced Healing Potion increased healing amount
    • Advanced Healing Potion cooldown added
    • Regenerate health effects on player doubled
    • Mushroom healing duration decreased
    • Mushroom cooldown increased
    • Health Regeneration Potion duration set to 120 seconds
    • Health Regeneration Potion now unlocks on basic healing potion
    • Stamina Regeneration Potion is now Speed Potion
    • Speed Potion increases movement speed for 300 seconds
  • Equipment
    • Leather Pauldron now requires Leather Breastplate (to unlock)
  • Environmental
    • Breath duration now 40 seconds
    • Freeze meter rate increases 2X faster
    • Freezing damage doubled
    • Heat rate increases 25% faster
    • Placed tar blocks spreads +1 distance
    • Iron nodes now produce more iron
  • Recipes adjusted
    • TNT
    • Strong TNT
    • Super TNT
    • Advanced Extractor
    • Super Extractor
    • Advanced Healing Potion
    • Health Regeneration Potion
    • Speed Potion


  • Picture frame changes – no longer uses completed adventure pictures
    • Now provides a large selection of preset images
    • This system will be revisited in the future

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