R35 – Halloween Update

Halloween Update

R35 unleashes our frightfully festive new holiday event: Haunted Nights! When the sun goes down, ghostly mobs will return to the realm of the living. Bust those baddies for spooky haunted recipes that would look just boo-tiful in the new (yet creepy and ancient) Haunted House blueprint!

We’ve also continued our visual overhaul of the game’s UI, and you’ll notice your inventory and crafting menus sporting more refinement and polish than ever.

Launch Creativerse R35 today and brave the Haunted Nights… if you dare!

New Features and Content

  • Halloween content! (Limited time!)
  • Improvements

    • UI visual improvements
    • Improved combat indicators
      • Added hitpoint bar to targeted creature
      • Targeted creature name color-coded for difficulty based on current weapon
    • Pet harvest icon now displays proper art


    • WASD no longer moves the map while player is in chat
    • Obsidian floor was missing from the ‘Build’ tab.
    • Fire pit was missing from the ‘Build’ tab
    • Changed ‘Carved Wood Floor Recipe’ to ‘Decorative Wood Floor Recipe’ to prevent recipe unlock requirement confusion.
    • Error message in world settings can now be closed
    • Fix for death statue tutorial advancing on collection from any container
    • Fix for seams on brown mushroom block
    • /hud command no longer hides flashlight
    • Scroll position of storage UI now saves properly
    • Fix for too many characters being added to signs
    • Fix for screenshot mode not being escapable

2 thoughts on “R35 – Halloween Update

    1. Merci de ton soutien (encore) ^_^
      Généralement, nous essayons de tenir le rythme de une vidéo par mise à jour.
      Nous faisons néanmoins l’impasse sur les toutes petites mises à jour où nous n’aurions presque rien à dire.
      Donc pour te répondre, ça dépend de la date de sortie de la prochaine Release et son contenu =)

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