R36 – The “you” Update


If you’ve been paying attention to our recent UI changes, it should come as no surprise that a fresh coat of paint for the main menu was long overdue. It now has a polished, simplified layout featuring you (or more accurately your player character). It also has our new Public Worlds gallery where you can find and join worlds looking for newcomers, or set your own world as “Public” to list your world and recruit new adventurers. Plus, you can “like” your favorite worlds and use our improved search to find whatever special corner of the Creativerse speaks to you.

If you’ve been paying attention to us on social media, you’ll know we recently asked what stairs, slabs and slopes YOU would like to see us add. The survey results are in, and so are the new blocks — 30 of them to be precise! Among the most popular requests were for Grass, Dirt and Glass versions. Great suggestions, everyone!

If you’ve been paying attention, R36 is dedicated to you players, especially those who pay attention. Thank you for the attention! As always, please share your feedback with us…

P.S. Watch out for the new CORRUPTED ROCKSTER! We hear he’s a real grouch!


New Features and Content:

  • NEW Main Menu
    • Polished and simplified layout
    • Public Worlds page – Gallery of worlds open for anyone to join
      • “Public” option for world owners to join to the public gallery
      • World “tags” to improve discoverability
      • Option to “Like” public worlds
    • Video and audio options now available on main menu
  • New “Slabs, Stairs and Slopes” block sets, voted on by YOU!
    • Glass set
    • Dirt set
    • Grass set
    • Limestone set
    • Bedrock set
    • Peakstone set
    • Blue Adobe set
    • Red Adobe set
    • White Adobe set
    • Yellow Adobe set
  • New creature: Corrupted Rockster
  • New spawn effects on creatures


  • Improved effects for pulling and placing items
  • Better sword swing and hit visuals
  • Improved visual explosion for bombs
  • Additional effects improvements
  • Improved skybox with animated clouds
  • World search improvements
    • Use ‘@’ to search by player (eg ‘@PlayerName’)
    • Use ‘#’ to search by world tag (eg ‘#PvP’)
  • Adjustments to generic ingredient sorting
  • Improved responsiveness of melee attacks


  • Health bar no longer visible on pets
  • Fix for minor animation glitch on female character
  • Machine update order more deterministic (controllable by distance)
  • Fix for visual noise on edge of tar blocks


  • Haunted Nights content turned off

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