R32 – The raiders of the Hidden Temple

Howdy folks. R32 is a smaller update than usual, but it packs a quite a punch. There’s a lot of cool stuff to check out in the store, like new Hidden Temple accessories and content, plus two new related blueprints, all of which are guaranteed to have you itching for a bag of sand. Aside from that, there’s a whole slew of improvements and bugfixes that’ll make your Creativersing much more pleasant.


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Upcoming change to blueprint system !

Greetings, Creatifolks.

We wanted to give the community a quick heads-up about the future of one of our favorite Creativerse features: blueprints!
We think blueprints are a lot of fun, and decided they’d be even better if they were free for everyone to enjoy.

So effective R31, all blueprints will be free, though you’ll have the option to buy all the blocks if you want to get started building instantly.
We’ll also be adding a bunch of new blueprints to the mix.

To prepare for the change, we’re disabling blueprint purchases until the R31 update, which is a week or so away.

We appreciate your patience as we work to give blueprints the democracy they deserve!

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R25 – Freeeeedooooom!

Creativerse is finally free!

It’s time to open the gates and let everyone in. Now’s a great chance to invite all your friends to your world so you can show off your builds, inspiring simultaneous feelings of awe and jealousy.

New in R25 is the ability to purchase coins through your Steam wallet. There’s also four new block packs in the store to spend those coins on. But remember, all you early supporters just received a big coin bonus. PS: All coins (your existing and new ones) have been spiked with a 10x multiplier, because bigger is better (it’s a tradition here in Texas).

Keep in mind, Creativerse will still be in early access for a while yet, so expect more great things to come in the future. In the short term, we’ll continue to focus on building out the core game.

Finally, we promised all of you early supporters an exclusive bonus gift. Watch the video below to find out what it is ! Keep watching for a few hints at what’s coming in Creativerse’s future.


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R24 – Leafi’s Lumite Lunchery

Hi Creatifriends,

Great news for all you builders and collectors out there. We’ve added 10 new pieces of furniture and 22 new food recipes! We figured the game just wouldn’t be complete without the ability to lounge in style on a Lumite Chair while munching on a Tar Sandwich (P.S: Your pets just called… they can haz some?).


This update also contains the start of a better experience for new players. Our goal is to strike a balance between being mysterious enough that there’s still plenty of discovery, while also gently encouraging new players not familiar with the genre. So there’s better item descriptions, a clearer quickbar, and things like that, as well as a new “Janky House” starter Blueprint you’ll receive upon creating a world.

We appreciate all the feedback you guys had on the recipe tweaks from R23 and have further refined the balance based on it. Finally, we’ve removed the daily coin button. You can read more about that here.


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