R37 – Haunted Holidays


What’s that pitter-patter up on the rooftop? Is it Santa Trog… or Ghost Miru?

R37 features the return of TWO holiday events! First, explore the coldest, snowiest regions of your world to discover festive gifts packed with holiday recipes – including some brand new ones!

But when the sun goes down, beware. Ghostly mobs are back to haunt your nights, and they’re bringing their spooky Haunted recipes with them.

For the first time ever, it’s the Haunted Holidays in Creativerse!

This is the final update of 2016, and we’d like to take a moment to thank YOU, our incomparable community, for playing Creativerse and supporting us over the last year with your feedback, suggestions, and boundless enthusiasm. Next year’s gonna be our biggest and best yet. Get ready!

New Features and Content

  • Haunted Holiday event!

    • Halloween 2016 ghosts and Holiday 2015 presents return for a limited time!
    • New holiday recipes!
      • Candy Cane Fence
      • Candy Cane Gate
      • Gingerbread Chimney
      • Wafer Gingerbread Roof
      • Gingerbread Stairs
      • Gingerbread Door


  • Improved player character visuals
  • Improved sword visuals
  • New graphics commands:
    • /pulleffect 0/1
      • Toggles the visual block pulling effect – 0 for off, 1 for on
    • /placeeffect 0/1
      • Toggles the visual block placing effect
  • New main menu music track


  • Fix for incorrect flashlight lighting when using the glider
  • Fix for incorrect facing adjustments when landing the glider
  • Fixes for targeting some doors and gates
  • Fixed music volume slider in main menu

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