R38 – Machines evolved !


Greeting, Creatifriends!

R38 is a love letter to creators. The sort of love letter that won’t fit in the mailbox ’cause it’s strapped to a volatile machine capable of punching blocks through the walls of existence.

The Creativerse community has created countless spectacular builds — we’re inspired daily by the massive cities and epic structures you share with us. The new machines we’re introducing today give our players the ability to create something new: experiences. Whether it’s a maze with shifting walls, a dungeon adventure with waves of enemy mobs and puzzles to solve, or a friendly game of Pigsy soccer (using Pigsy as the ball, naturally), we can’t wait to see what you accomplish with these new tools.

New Features and Content

  • New machines!
    • Block Phaser – make a column of up to eight blocks vanish and reappear!
    • Mob Spawner – spawn any creature in the game (minus loot) and
      • Add loot to the first creature spawned!
    • Loot Spawner – spawn treasure chests with items of your choice
    • Sensor – trigger for when players enter a custom defined space
    • Arc Sign – project a text message at a size of your choice!
      • Special formatting tags:
        • {1}, {2}, {3}, {4} – subsitute input from a sensor or number pad
        • {PlayerName} – substitue the local player’s name
        • [offset=x.xx/] – Pushes sign text up or down (can be negative)
        • [width=x.xx/] – Control the width of the text region
  • Creatures can now be pushed with the gauntlet
  • New audio, including new cave music & glider sound


  • UI overhaul – all user interfaces now reworked to match main menu aesthetic
  • Glider no longer cancels if you touch something on the side or top
  • Fireworks can now be hooked to switches / pressure plates / sensors!
  • Changes to auto-population of machine trigger names to reduce cases of accidentally overwriting triggers
  • Fixed item pickup to fill quickslot, then inventory, then make stacks in the same order
  • Wiring tool inspection(default N key) can be brought up even if the wiring tool isn’t selected(must still be equipped)
  • Flare can now be thrown further


  • Fixed nonfunctional character swimming animations
  • Fix for gauntlet animation pop in some cases when UI screens are closed
  • Warmworms now spawn in correct locations
  • Fixed player map icon so it tracks moving player


  • Holiday content (both ghost creatures and holiday presents) disabled
  • New “bonus coins” timed Pro upgrade offer for new players

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