It’s the MACHINES contest! WIN Creativerse Pro and MORE!

Today we’re announcing our most electrifying contest yet: show us your best builds using MACHINES!


We’re looking for projects that take machines to new extremes. What that means, precisely, is up to you! Contraptions, puzzles, games, traps, rides, elevators, light shows – anything that uses machines is fair game. And wiring novices, don’t despair! Our guide to machines can help you start making connections in no time.

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R31 – Character Customization & Blueprint Bonanza!

Hi Creatifriends!

Some of the best parts of Creativerse have been shaped by your feedback, so we’re excited to announce yet another awesome feature based on your suggestions: character customization! Click the settings icon on the main menu to put your own unique spin on your Creativerse character. To help bring it to life, we’ve updated our character models with some fresh faces, plus new gear and animations.

Once your uniquely customized avatar is ready for action, be sure to to check out the new blueprint crafting tab. We think blueprints are a bunch of fun, so we moved them out of the store and made them free for everyone. We’ve also added a bunch of new blueprints, and the option to buy all the blocks if you want to get started building your Mushroom House or Cragwood Keep instantly.

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R30 – Social Worlds!

Hello again, Creatifriends!

It’s fun to play together! Whether you’re diving through dangerous caves, collaborating on epic creations, or going toe-to-toe with a trio of Trogs, fun stuff’s even more fun when you’re playing with friends. In R30 we’re introducing a new way to play together: Social Worlds!

Social worlds are active multiplayer worlds that are served up on demand, allowing anyone to quickly and effortlessly start playing with others. We take care of setting up new social worlds as needed, so all you need to do is click the new ‘Join Public World’ button on the main menu and you’re ready to play.


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Spring in to action with a SPRING CONTEST!

Spring in to action with a SPRING CONTEST!
Spring is in the air! The chizzards are croaking majestically, arctic mirus are retreating from the encroaching thaw, and even Thing seems a little less creepy these days. Let’s celebrate with a springtime contest!

Over the next couple weeks, build, draw, or create something inspired by springtime in Creativerse! Post your screenshot or artwork to this thread to officially enter – or if you prefer, tweet it with the hashtag #CreativerseContest.

On Monday, Apr 4, we’ll pick our 5 favorite entries as the winners.

PRIZE: Each of the 5 winners will receive 1000 coins!


  • Entries should be inspired by springtime in Creativerse.*

    • Screenshots: Create something in Creativerse and submit your best screenshot.
    • Artwork: Create and upload an original work of art based on Creativerse.
  • Post your entry to this thread, or tweet it with the hashtag #creativersecontest.
  • Limit one entry per player, please.**
  • Group entries are ok as long as you’re fine with splitting up the prize.
  • Make sure your email is verified in game so we can contact you if you win.

May the gentle hymn of Leafis warbling in the spring breeze set your creativity alight!

* We’ll be fairly lenient with the ‘springtime’ theme, so let your imagination run wild!
** If multiple entries are submitted by the same person, only the first will be considered.

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Hey Creatifriendos!

Have you ever wanted the freedom to invite people to your world without worrying about them stealing your stuff? Do you wish you could participate on public worlds but are leery of TNT-wielding griefers? Then this update is for you! Our new claim system* is designed to give you complete control over a small plot of land. Anyone can swing by and admire your building prowess, but only those you deem worthy can touch your stuff.

Now claims are just like cookies — they go better with milk — and in this case the milk is our other exciting new feature: MAPS! Press M to open your very own world map and see where others are milling about, where all the popular claims are and where that pesky jungle is hiding.


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Holiday’s Contest

CONTEST: ‘Tis the Season…For A Non-Denominational, Secular Winter Solstice Contest!

Happy The-Northern-Hemisphere-Of-The-Earth-Is-Tilted-Away-From-The-Sun Day!

Whatever your reason for celebrating over the next several weeks, one most folks agree on is SCIENCE! So let’s kick off the Winter Solstice in style with a celebratory contest! You’ve got two weeks to come up with a creative build featuring the new R26 blocks. On Monday, January 4th, we’ll pick our 5 favorite entries as the winners.


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R26 – Holiday Surprise!

Hey Creatifriends!

Welcome to all of the new players who joined us since we became free to play! We’re glad you found us and hope you stick around.

The end of year holidays may have chilled our usual 2-3 week cadence for releases a bit, but on the bright side, they also gave us a chance to try something new: seasonal goodies! There is, quite frankly, a plethora of stuff with which you can deck your halls. Recipes, accessories, a new liquid (molasses), craftable items — everything but a partridge in a pear tree (would you settle for a Leafi in an Elderwood?). As a cherry on top, we’ve given everyone 450 extra coins, and any new players will start with the same amount. Watch this video to get a taste for all the new stuff…


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R23 — Bloktoberfest

Hi Creatifriends,

Get your arctek plows ready — there’s a lot to harvest in R23!

The biggest change you’ll notice in this one is our refined hotbar UI, which aims to make equipping the new farming and ranching tools more intuitive. But that’s just the appetizer. The main course is our largest block update yet: a smorgasbord of stairs, roofs and walls to spice up your decor. Feast your eyes upon these…

Roof 'n Stairs!

Good news for anyone playing in Europe — you can now select servers closer to your crib. We’re hoping it helps improve lag in multiplayer (e.g. less delay when friends are pulling blocks). It will only apply to new worlds you create after making the switch. Let us know how it feels if you try it.

A couple noteworthy improvements:

      1) We spent a good amount of time refining player movement. Jump around, run up some stairs, walk on some slabs and feel the difference.
      2) We’ve overhauled recipes for power cells, armor, and weapons. Our goal was to better encourage surface exploration in the adventurer progression.

As always, we welcome your insightful feedback on this update!


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